Chapter 1 (5)



The forest was full of life, I could hear a variety of animals all around. I might even have enjoyed the scenery if my past experiences didn’t teach me to be always ready. Ambushes were all too easily organized in places like this one and I couldn’t allow myself to relax. The fact my guide chose to walk behind me did nothing to ease my nerves. I turned towards her.

‘I don’t like people walking behind me.’

She frowned and answered angrily, ‘That is not my problem.’

‘I am not proceeding till I can keep my eye on you.’

‘In that case I will return the way I had come and you can find your way on your own.’ She turned her back on me and started to walk away.

I looked left and right as I weighed my options, it would probably be next to impossible finding the druid council all by myself and I did want to make the task I was given as easily as possible. Making my decision I called after her just before she disappeared from sight. ‘WAIT!’

She stopped, turned around and looked straight at me.


‘Would you please walk next to me, it will make me feel better and if anything threatens us, it will be easier to counter.’

She considered my words for a moment before agreeing and coming back to me to continue the walk.

I was constantly looking left and right for any sign of perceived threat but every so often my eyes and thoughts went to her. The druidess had long raven black hair and brown eyes which somehow kept drawing my attention to her. Thin and a head shorter than me, her form would never have her mistaken for a fighter but there was something else about her that I couldn’t quite place, a sense of hidden power that was better left unprovoked. She was wearing a simple green dress that was more practical than decorational, the only thing about her clothes that stood out was a belt wrapped around her hips that was apparently made of serpent’s skin. I was strangely drawn to her and I couldn’t explain why.

I broke the silence. ‘How far is it?’

‘Not that far now.’

I couldn’t hold back my curiosity about her and I wanted to learn more.

‘Have you lived here your entire life?’

She looked at me with an indiscernible expression on her face.

‘I prefer not to talk about my life with complete strangers.’

I was puzzled why she wasn’t carrying a staff like most druids but I saved my questions for later, I had a feeling she would find it too personal. I stayed quiet for the remainder of the luckily uneventful walk.


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