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Chapter 1 (11)



It was hard to keep up even for a monk at peek condition but she was making remarkable time for her size. I had to admit I was surprised by her speed, we reached the place quickly. It didn’t take a great tracker to recognize that the house was abandoned a long time ago, all the paint was gone, leaving wooden walls exposed and at the mercy of the elements. Nature had already begun reclaiming the area, patches of grass were growing through the cracks and creeping vines were climbing the walls. What was left of the windows was barely holding in place and it looked like it wouldn’t take more then a stronger gust of wind to finish the job.

I turned towards her and looked her straight into her eyes. I said not a word but she nodded as if agreeing to the silent command. I closed down my emotions completely and allowed the warrior to take over. Walking forward slowly and carefully, I climbed the run down porch stairs, one wrong step promised a painful fracture. As I continued forward over the rotting wood, the floorboards were bending under my weight but gave no sound, enchanted boots were handy for stealth approach. Upon reaching the doors I pushed them with my hand, only thing keeping them from crumbling were the creaky hinges that now heralded my arrival to the entire house.

I walked in and paused to look around. Cobwebs were everywhere, the room was full of gloom and shadows, perfect for organizing an ambush and even though my helm revealed only the girl’s body heat, I knew there was someone or something else waiting in the shadows. Before I approached the girl I murmured under my breath and waved my hand as if clearing the cobwebs. I hated getting them on my skin. Her back was turned to me but I knew she was well aware of my presence. Finally she turned, didn’t need magic of my helm to see her eyes, they were glowing bright from some kind of spell.

(to be continued…)


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