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Chapter 1 (13)



I was waiting in front of the house just like Wanlorn told me but hearing screams I started to wonder whether I should enter the house and help him. I knew he preferred to act on his own but perhaps I could be useful somehow?
The moment I thought of it, the door opened abruptly and Wanlorn emerged from the darkness pulling somebody by their hair. Waves of heavy, violent energy were literary oozing out of his aura as he dropped the person in front of me. I looked at him surprised but he turned his back on me and ran back to the house.

‘Kind as a warrior…’, I thought with a sneer and twisted my mouth in disgust but looking in the eyes of the young blond girl laying right in front of me, I realised I had no time to waste. She was clearly possessed.

At first I thought of my usual entangling charm but judging by the amount and intensity of anger in her aura, I decided to use something stronger. I sent a quick request to the tree growing next to me and it answered by moving the lowest branches towards the girl, rising her body up and holding her close to its trunk. She was wrapped with branches so tightly that she could not move at all, the tree covered her mouth too so she could not throw any spells neither and was just staring at me with an immense hate.

That was uncommon. I saw people who were possessed by the spirits or drank hallucinogenic potions but they were usually simply submerged in a state of unconsciousness, blabbing, staggering and seeing things which existed only in their altered minds. This girl’s aura was filled completely with rage, chaos and wish for destruction and that not only was unnatural but also very dangerous.

‘The tree won’t hold her for long’, I spoke to Wanlorn who came back from the house and stood next to me. ‘Her energy is poisonous and piercing, I can feel it clearly and so does the tree. It will drop her down in a moment.’

‘What shall we do?’, he asked without any emotions.

‘I can try a paralysing spell but dealing with that amount of negative energy will be extremely difficult. I can see you have some magical abilities, can you enhance the stream of my energy?’

‘That I can do’, he answered shortly. I nodded, trying not to show my anxiety. In theory I knew what to do but never had contact with such damaged and poisoned aura before.

‘I will also need support for that charm’, I added standing right in front of the tree and stretching my right arm out. He approached me and embraced my waist gently but firmly. Feeling the strong, regular vibes which his body was emitting so close to me, I suddenly felt safe and peaceful. I embraced his waist, a sudden gust of power struck me and I almost smiled. He stretched his left arm and we were ready.

I took a deep breath in and while breathing out I sent a stream of calming vibes towards the girl. She moved her body fiercely trying to break free but the tree was still keeping her in a trap and my energy reached her. I sent her stream of energy again and her body flinched but I could feel her aura was getting a little bit less tense. I repeated it various times, Wanlorn was helping me by keeping the stream intact, not allowing it to dissipate in the the air. It was exhausting but eventually the girl calmed down, her eyes closed and body became torpid and weak. The tree untied branches and put her on the ground gently.

I felt weak after all of that effort but it was not time for me to rest yet.

‘I don’t know how long the pacifying spell will work’, I whispered to Wanlorn. ‘But I’ll try to search her mind carefully in order to find out who she is and what has brought her to that state.’

He nodded. ‘I’ll be ready to intervene if anything goes wrong.’

I came closer and placed my palm carefully on the girl’s forehead. Dirty, heavy energy hit me immediately as if it was full of small sharp spikes. I startled and winced in disgust but my hand remained on the girl’s head. After initial shock, I began to receive the information I was searching for, it was actually flowing very quickly as girl’s consciousness was remaining asleep. After a couple of minutes I knew all I wanted. I took my hand off her skin, shook it a couple of times to whisk bad energy away, turned to Wanlorn and said,

‘Refri, age fifteen, lives in a capital city and her main occupation is pickpocketing and robbing houses. She was intending to steal gold from what it turned out to be the palace of the secret service chief but instead she took some artefacts…I could not see exactly what were these, they were covered in a black material…but they quickly took power over her mind. They are now in the house, we have to return to find them, otherwise we’ll have another display of rage and chaos here and I’m already quite exhausted.’

To Be Continued…


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