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Chapter 1 (14)



We went inside and I immediately felt this heavy, choking atmosphere, a mixture of negative vibes and death. The room was dark and covered with spider’s webs but I quickly noticed three snake – like creatures which looked like being literary pinned to walls and floor with a blade. ‘Wanlorn’s work’, I guessed and tried hard to supress the nausea.

‘Can you see it, Ailintho?’, he asked. ‘Can you find it?’

‘I can. Just give me your arm or I will faint like the girl’, I said. I really wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, the smell of rage and death was overwhelming.

He supported my body once again and trying to ignore the glassy, unseeing eyes of dead snake people, I took deep breath in and out. Luckily I saw the artefacts immediately and ran towards the corner where the floor boards were loose and reached down below one of them. I grabbed a bag hidden there and lifted it up. Wanlorn came closer to see what is inside, with hands shaking from anxiety and tiredness I took the artefacts off. Golden necklace and belt both had similar buckles in the strange shape of a red triangle enclosed in a white circle which was yet enclosed in a black square. I felt dizzy, took a deep breath in, closed my eyes and caught Wanlorn’s arm, feeling that this time I will really pass out. I knew what that was…

Seeing I was about to loose consciousness, Wanlorn took me in his arms and went out of the house. A gust of wind brought senses back to me and I opened my eyes only to see that we were alone on a glade.

‘The thief is gone’, he stated without emotions but I felt he got angry. ‘We have to find her.’

‘No’, I shook my head. ‘Artefacts are more important now, we have to show them to Master Orthus as quickly as possible.’

‘How are you feeling?’, he asked looking at me with worry in his dark eyes. ‘All of that must have strained your forces, I better carry you to the druid seat.’

‘No, no, I can walk!’, I considered proper to protest but he didn’t want to listen to me.

‘You are very light, I can carry you.’

So without further objection I clenched my fingers on a black bag, threw my arm around his neck and placed my head on his shoulder. I felt so well immediately. Damn, what wonderful vibes he had!

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