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Chapter 1 (15)



I was carrying her in my arms as we made our way back to the druid seat. The fabric of her clothes was surprisingly soft under my hands and her weight was next to nothing. At first I planned to simply use a telekenisis spell to carry her but she appeared so comfortable that I didn’t have the heart to do it. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing slowly, I started thinking she fell asleep and it began to affect me, the battle effort was starting to take its toll and I had to struggle keeping my eyes open. Her presence was relaxing and my eyes closed for a brief moment, even though short it was enough to make me stumble. I came close to dropping her to the ground but managed to keep my balance. She asked me to set her down because we were almost there and even though I liked the feeling of holding her, my arms were getting numb.

There was a smile on my face as I looked at her, to her question why was I smiling I replied nothing but my smile deepened as her arm went around my shoulder for support.

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