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Chapter 1 (16)



Just as we were approaching the druid seat I thanked Wanlorn for supporting me all the way and moved for a safe distance, I did not want the members of community to see us being so close. The moment we entered the building, I ordered to call Master Orthus as soon as possible and led the warrior to the room where the last meeting took place. I placed the bag with artefacts carefully on a table and sat in a safe distance from it.

‘Sit down, please’, I spoke to the warrior but he shook his head.

‘I better stay away from that object’, he said and leaned against the window jamb.

He might not have known what these things were but he could clearly sense their energy. They were still hidden inside the bag and yet clearly emitting powerful waves. We were both staring at it with anxiety until Master Orthus came in.

‘We have news’, I said immediately. ‘Please, sit down.’

Master looked at the object on the table, then at me and the warrior but said nothing, he leaned his staff against a chair and sat down.

‘It was human indeed’, I spoke first guessing that Wanlorn won’t do it himself. ‘A young female thief from the capital city.’

‘Here?!’, Master raised his eyebrows in astonishment. ‘She got so far being crippled?! Why?’

‘Because she’s a thief’, I was positively surprised that my companion joined the conversation. ‘She was fleeing with the things she had stolen and reached the forest until she had no power to escape any further.’

‘Why was she escaping? Did you find out?’

‘Because ot this’, I turned my head in the direction of table, pointing at the bag. Master looked at me suspiciously but touched it carefully to check its vibrations. He raised his eyebrows even higher when he felt its energy.

‘What is that, Ailintho?’, he whispered. ‘What did she steal?’

‘See it yourself, Master. If this is what I think of, then we are in big trouble.’

He took the jewels out of the bag, his face became pale and he put the gems back into the bag right away.

‘My God and Goddess!’, he was still whispering. ‘It can’t be true!’

‘So it IS what I thought of…’, I sighed. Master nodded his head and heavy silence fell upon the room.

(to be continued)

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