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Chapter 1 (17)



‘What is that, Ailintho?’, he whispered. ‘What did she steal?’

‘See it yourself, Master. If this is what I think of, then we are in big trouble.’

He took the jewels out of the bag, his face became pale and he put the gems back into the bag right away.

‘My God and Goddess!’, he was still whispering. ‘It can’t be true!’

‘So it IS what I thought of…’, I sighed. Master nodded his head and heavy silence fell upon the room.

‘And what is it?’, the warrior wanted to know. ‘Why is it so dangerous?’

‘These jewels belong to the Temple’, Master Orthus said when he calmed down a bit. ‘They used to be placed on the statues of God and Goddess and believed to be powerful talismans, it was rumoured that the deities themselves gave them to the temple as the sign of their grace. However, despite watching over them by the priests and the guards, one day they simply disappeared and no one has seen them again. Until now…’, he looked at the bag anxiously and became silent.

‘Priests have suspected that it was the King who ordered to steal them’, I added. ‘And now that we know the thief stole them from the house of the secret service chief, we can be sure that they were right.’

‘I can sense great force coming from these artefacts’, Wanlorn said observing the black bag all the time.

‘These gems do not only increase the energy and ability to perform magic, they enhance the unconscious powers within the owner. They can notice and multiply your inner thoughts and feelings so if your psyche is in disorder, they will bring it out to light and make you behave erratically. If your soul is covered with dark web, these talismans will begin to influence your mind by making you believe in illusions they send. You may become dangerous for yourself and for others. In fact they were never meant to be worn by human beings, no mortal can bear such amount of supernatural force.’

‘I see’, the warrior nodded. ‘No surprise the girl became possessed right away.’

‘And this is why I thank God and Goddess for not allowing these gems to fall into the wrong hands. But I am not happy with having them in the area of our forest neither’, Master sighed heavily. ‘The necklace and the belt belong to the Temple, they should be placed on the statues, not on the necks and hips of random people.’

‘We could send a messenger to the priests to let them know the jewels are here and ask them to come here to get them’, I said but the Master shook his head.

‘I doubt they would send anyone here, that would be too dangerous even if they were in disguise. Besides I would not entrust these jewels in the hands of people I do not know in person…you saw yourselves what they can do with a person of a weak soul.’

‘What shall we do then?’, I asked. ‘Jewels cannot remain here, they would attract secret service to this place sooner or later.’

Master Orthus closed his eyes and was silent for a while.

(to be continued)

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