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Chapter 1 (10)



‘She’s in an old shelter on the brink of the forest in the West’, I said. He put his gear on quickly and was ready to go.

We went back to the main path and hurried towards the Western part of the forest. I took some shortcuts to get us there as soon as possible but still it was about an hour of walking. We were going fast and didn’t talk because of our accelerated breaths but eventually I managed to ask him.

‘Did you get scared of what was happening with me?’

‘More like I was surprised. I’ve never seen that before’, he answered.

‘This is the trance technique and I don’t use it often’, I explained. ‘It’s too dangerous and exhausting to repeat it regularly but it’s helpful in case of emergency. It requires someone to support on so I’m grateful you were there for me.’

‘You’re welcome.’

He was quiet and reserved but I must have admitted I was somehow beginning to like him. I recalled gentle yet strong touch of his hands on my feet and I felt sparks going down my spine again just like in the moment he was pressing the sensitive spots on my sole. I had to suppress the sigh of pleasure a couple of times…I have been alone for so long that I almost forgot how it was to feel pleasure.

I was so lost in memories that I startled when he caught my hand and pulled me closer.

‘Hash! The intruder is near.’


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