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‘I Sensed The Unwanted Guest Was Somewhere There’

I was playing a dangerous game with my body, I felt it was getting too little air to breathe but I was almost done, just a small area on the edge of forest was left. My body began to tremble but I sensed the unwanted guest was somewhere there. Just as my inner sight noticed the location, my body couldn’t stand this state anymore. I felt weak and darkness fell in front of my eyes.

Chapter 1 (8)


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‘You Have An Unexpected Guest In Your Forest’

‘So did you find any traces when you were exploring the forest?’

‘I did. Not the ones the villagers would think of, though.’

‘They did not seem like hybrid or animal ones, did they?’, I guessed.

‘Neither of them.’

Orthus and I looked at each other instinctively. No hybrid then, just as we expected.

‘So what were these?’

‘Human ones. You have an unexpected guest in your forest.’


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Chapter 1 (18)

Master Orthus closed his eyes and was silent for a while.

‘We have to bring them to the Temple’, he finally spoke. ‘Both Ailintho and I.’

‘No, Master, your health will not let you to travel so far’, I shook my head immediately. ‘You won’t go, no way! I won’t let you!’

‘And I will not let you go alone all the way to the Temple’, he was equally stubborn. ‘This land is full of dangers, you need to have someone who will accompany you.’

‘Master, please listen to me!’, I took a deep breath and was attempting to convince him to change his mind when suddenly the warrior spoke

‘I can go with Lady Ailintho.’

We both looked at him surprised.

‘You are right’, Wanlorn continued. ‘Master Orthus is not physically strong enough to travel for so long but you cannot go without someone to protect you.’

‘I can protect myself’, I answered hastily. ‘You saw yourself that I can control Energy.’

‘I did see your skills’, he nodded his head slowly and kept staring at me attentively. ‘But I also saw how exhausted you were after spending so much of your own powers to keep it in balance. No matter how big, your skills are not enough. You will need a warrior.’

I had to admit his words sounded reasonable. Gems could not stay in the forest and had to be returned as soon as possible. Apparently the only people who could take up such a dangerous task were the warrior and me. I barely suppressed the sigh of displeasure. Events have been unfolding fast, too fast for me. Living in a quiet forest and sticking to a regular, leisurely rhythm of nature, I was not accustomed to receiving so many stimuli nor making quick decisions. I only met the stranger yesterday and now I was to set off for a long and dangerous journey with him. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like that at all.

But I knew I had no better option so I nodded my head and said,

‘Fine. We’re going tomorrow in the morning.’

Wanlorn’s face showed no emotion, I bet he experienced many dangerous journeys and this one didn’t make any impression on him. He moved toward the door and said

‘In this case let me please move to my room and prepare for the travel.’

We both bowed slightly as the warrior was leaving the room. As soon as the door closed Orthus asked me,

‘Ailintho, if you don’t want to go, I’ll send someone else.’

‘No Master’, I shook my head. ‘There is no one in the community who has enough knowledge to do it. If there is any druid who can complete this mission, that’s me.’

‘I’m not talking about the journey only, I want to know if you trust the warrior. If not, I’ll find an excuse to send someone else.’

I said nothing and came close to the window. Children were playing hide-and seek among the trees and Lendra was shouting their names to make them return to the hall. The sun was setting slowly announcing the time for rest.

‘Can you trust him Ailintho? Can you entrust the jewels and yourself to his protection?’

The image of Wanlorn carrying me came to my mind, I recalled his pulsating and alerted yet positive energy and nodded.

‘I think I can. Although I predict he won’t be a good companion’, I smiled ironically.

‘I’ll be praying to God and Goddess to protect you on your way’, Master sighed, his eyes were sad. ‘They know that sending you to Theria is the last thing on my mind but I believe in you, my child. I taught you everything I know myself and trained you in all the Druidic craft that had been passed generation after generation. There is no better candidate to fulfil this mission than you, Ailintho. Osla would be proud of you.’

I closed my eyes to prevent tears that suddenly appeared from falling. I took a deep breath, smiled and turned to Orthus.

‘I’ll do my best, Master’, I said quietly. ‘I’ll go prepare myself too. Good night Master’

He smiled to me and sent me the wave of good energy. I was still smiling when I left the room and went the corridor to the residential area of the building but as soon as I entered my room and closed the door, I burst into tears.

Leaving the forest seemed like the biggest nightmare in the world and I was about to do it in just a couple of hours.

I fell on the bed and began to cry, I was weeping so bitterly and so long that I finally fell asleep.

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house on the tree2

Chapter 1 (17)



‘What is that, Ailintho?’, he whispered. ‘What did she steal?’

‘See it yourself, Master. If this is what I think of, then we are in big trouble.’

He took the jewels out of the bag, his face became pale and he put the gems back into the bag right away.

‘My God and Goddess!’, he was still whispering. ‘It can’t be true!’

‘So it IS what I thought of…’, I sighed. Master nodded his head and heavy silence fell upon the room.

‘And what is it?’, the warrior wanted to know. ‘Why is it so dangerous?’

‘These jewels belong to the Temple’, Master Orthus said when he calmed down a bit. ‘They used to be placed on the statues of God and Goddess and believed to be powerful talismans, it was rumoured that the deities themselves gave them to the temple as the sign of their grace. However, despite watching over them by the priests and the guards, one day they simply disappeared and no one has seen them again. Until now…’, he looked at the bag anxiously and became silent.

‘Priests have suspected that it was the King who ordered to steal them’, I added. ‘And now that we know the thief stole them from the house of the secret service chief, we can be sure that they were right.’

‘I can sense great force coming from these artefacts’, Wanlorn said observing the black bag all the time.

‘These gems do not only increase the energy and ability to perform magic, they enhance the unconscious powers within the owner. They can notice and multiply your inner thoughts and feelings so if your psyche is in disorder, they will bring it out to light and make you behave erratically. If your soul is covered with dark web, these talismans will begin to influence your mind by making you believe in illusions they send. You may become dangerous for yourself and for others. In fact they were never meant to be worn by human beings, no mortal can bear such amount of supernatural force.’

‘I see’, the warrior nodded. ‘No surprise the girl became possessed right away.’

‘And this is why I thank God and Goddess for not allowing these gems to fall into the wrong hands. But I am not happy with having them in the area of our forest neither’, Master sighed heavily. ‘The necklace and the belt belong to the Temple, they should be placed on the statues, not on the necks and hips of random people.’

‘We could send a messenger to the priests to let them know the jewels are here and ask them to come here to get them’, I said but the Master shook his head.

‘I doubt they would send anyone here, that would be too dangerous even if they were in disguise. Besides I would not entrust these jewels in the hands of people I do not know in person…you saw yourselves what they can do with a person of a weak soul.’

‘What shall we do then?’, I asked. ‘Jewels cannot remain here, they would attract secret service to this place sooner or later.’

Master Orthus closed his eyes and was silent for a while.

(to be continued)

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  house on the tree3

Chapter 1 (16)



Just as we were approaching the druid seat I thanked Wanlorn for supporting me all the way and moved for a safe distance, I did not want the members of community to see us being so close. The moment we entered the building, I ordered to call Master Orthus as soon as possible and led the warrior to the room where the last meeting took place. I placed the bag with artefacts carefully on a table and sat in a safe distance from it.

‘Sit down, please’, I spoke to the warrior but he shook his head.

‘I better stay away from that object’, he said and leaned against the window jamb.

He might not have known what these things were but he could clearly sense their energy. They were still hidden inside the bag and yet clearly emitting powerful waves. We were both staring at it with anxiety until Master Orthus came in.

‘We have news’, I said immediately. ‘Please, sit down.’

Master looked at the object on the table, then at me and the warrior but said nothing, he leaned his staff against a chair and sat down.

‘It was human indeed’, I spoke first guessing that Wanlorn won’t do it himself. ‘A young female thief from the capital city.’

‘Here?!’, Master raised his eyebrows in astonishment. ‘She got so far being crippled?! Why?’

‘Because she’s a thief’, I was positively surprised that my companion joined the conversation. ‘She was fleeing with the things she had stolen and reached the forest until she had no power to escape any further.’

‘Why was she escaping? Did you find out?’

‘Because ot this’, I turned my head in the direction of table, pointing at the bag. Master looked at me suspiciously but touched it carefully to check its vibrations. He raised his eyebrows even higher when he felt its energy.

‘What is that, Ailintho?’, he whispered. ‘What did she steal?’

‘See it yourself, Master. If this is what I think of, then we are in big trouble.’

He took the jewels out of the bag, his face became pale and he put the gems back into the bag right away.

‘My God and Goddess!’, he was still whispering. ‘It can’t be true!’

‘So it IS what I thought of…’, I sighed. Master nodded his head and heavy silence fell upon the room.

(to be continued)

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house on the tree4

Chapter 1 (14)



We went inside and I immediately felt this heavy, choking atmosphere, a mixture of negative vibes and death. The room was dark and covered with spider’s webs but I quickly noticed three snake – like creatures which looked like being literary pinned to walls and floor with a blade. ‘Wanlorn’s work’, I guessed and tried hard to supress the nausea.

‘Can you see it, Ailintho?’, he asked. ‘Can you find it?’

‘I can. Just give me your arm or I will faint like the girl’, I said. I really wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, the smell of rage and death was overwhelming.

He supported my body once again and trying to ignore the glassy, unseeing eyes of dead snake people, I took deep breath in and out. Luckily I saw the artefacts immediately and ran towards the corner where the floor boards were loose and reached down below one of them. I grabbed a bag hidden there and lifted it up. Wanlorn came closer to see what is inside, with hands shaking from anxiety and tiredness I took the artefacts off. Golden necklace and belt both had similar buckles in the strange shape of a red triangle enclosed in a white circle which was yet enclosed in a black square. I felt dizzy, took a deep breath in, closed my eyes and caught Wanlorn’s arm, feeling that this time I will really pass out. I knew what that was…

Seeing I was about to loose consciousness, Wanlorn took me in his arms and went out of the house. A gust of wind brought senses back to me and I opened my eyes only to see that we were alone on a glade.

‘The thief is gone’, he stated without emotions but I felt he got angry. ‘We have to find her.’

‘No’, I shook my head. ‘Artefacts are more important now, we have to show them to Master Orthus as quickly as possible.’

‘How are you feeling?’, he asked looking at me with worry in his dark eyes. ‘All of that must have strained your forces, I better carry you to the druid seat.’

‘No, no, I can walk!’, I considered proper to protest but he didn’t want to listen to me.

‘You are very light, I can carry you.’

So without further objection I clenched my fingers on a black bag, threw my arm around his neck and placed my head on his shoulder. I felt so well immediately. Damn, what wonderful vibes he had!

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Chapter 1 (8)



I got up at dawn as I always did. I washed my face, dressed myself and went downstairs to the kitchen. Lendra was already waiting with oatmeal.

‘With dried blueberries as you like’, an old woman smiled to me as I kissed her cheek. Lendra always provided me with the best food. I have been her favourite since the day I came to the druids’ seat. Not a druidess herself but the main cook in the community, she was respected by the elders who entrusted her with bringing up the youngest children. I remembered myself as a five year old little girl walking to the storeroom or the garden holding on to her large skirt with other kids. I smiled as I realised that nothing has changed for her since then.

‘Thank you’, I said taking a small wooden bowl full of hot oatmeal and sitting at the table. ‘Has the warrior come for breakfast yet?’

‘He has’, she nodded. ‘But he didn’t want breakfast and only asked for water. He is waiting on a yard.’

I ate the delicious oatmeal, kissed Lendra again and went outside the building. He was indeed waiting and even seemed impatient. He did not say a word though, just got up and put his gear on.

‘I guess we’re ready’, I said. He did not answer so I suppressed a sigh and went directly the path leading to the forest. I remembered not go behind him though, I might not like the warrior but I wasn’t searching for an argument with him either so I walked next to him.

‘We have to find a glade distant enough from any human seats be it the druid community or the villages nearby’, I explained to him as we were leaving the gate. I did not expect him to respond to my words but to my surprise, he spoke.

‘May I ask you some questions? Not the personal ones.’

I was astonished and didn’t know what to say so I only nodded.

‘Could you please tell me why the windows are not symmetrical in the druid hall?’

‘The windows were like that so as not to hurt the tree’, I answered, satisfied that the question was indeed not personal. ‘We used some sort of spell to make it grow this way.’

‘It looks like a safety hazard to me’, he said. ‘An attack possible from any side.’

A warrior. No need to be surprised, Ailintho. He’s a warrior.

‘We included this risk, too. What you don’t know is that the windows can be made to disappear as easy as they were made.’

‘Clever solution’, he nodded. ‘In the room I noticed a strange contrast between the elaborately decorated furniture and the simple clothes of the elders.’

‘That’s easy to explain’, I smiled. ‘Shaping and decorating wood is our tribute to nature. Trees are the monarchs of the forest and druids themselves are only servants. We protect the nature and help the villagers who live close to the forest, that’s our task.’

‘I understand.’

We were walking in silence for a moment and I must say I enjoyed it a lot. Wanlorn’s energy was calm and slow, his thoughts were hidden under his magic-proof helm and his mouth was closed. I must have admitted that although he seemed distant and suspicious, his subdued behaviour was a clear contrast to the ones of talkative, jovial and overly familiar people whom I came across everyday. It was a true relief, I could not deny it. And the fact that Nomi, our cat liked him immediately, was the best proof he was not as warriorlike as he seemed. Animals feel the vibes better than people and stay away from these negative ones.

‘Can I ask one more question?’

‘Yes, please.’

‘All the other members of the council are significantly older than you and yet Master Orthus introduced you as the chief druidess. May I know why?’

I fixed my eyes in the path in front of me and suppressed a sigh as memories returned.

‘It is custom in our community that it is governed by a druid and a druidess, a man and a woman, as a representation of the cosmic order established by God and Goddess. My predecessor died a year ago and I was chosen to take her place. In case you are wondering why such a young girl became the chief druidess’, I couldn’t see his thoughts exactly but I noticed a slight shift in his energy. ‘Well, let me just say I have condensed skills. And I look younger than my real age.’

He didn’t ask any more questions and we reached the glade soon. I looked around and noticed a poplar immediately. Perfect.

‘Now I am going to do something you will find strange but please, trust me, I know what I’m doing’, I came closer to the tree and looked at him. His eyes were dark and impenetrable. ‘I will touch the bark of the tree and it may seem that I fall into a trance. I need you to embrace and support me now because if I use too much of my energy, I may fall down.’

If he was surprised, he didn’t show it. He approached me and very carefully embraced my waist. As I felt his body close and put my arm on his shoulder, I almost lost my breath. I could feel his vibes easy now, they were so calm, clear and pure that all I wanted was to absorb them endlessly. Luckily my mind and sense of duty intervened quickly enough, after all I had a mission to accomplish. I clenched my hand on the trunk, closed my eyes and concentrated. After just a couple of seconds my consciousness raised above the tree and I could see the forest with my mind’s eye.

My inner sight was spreading high now, I was capable to see a large area but the task was to locate the intruder so I had to expand my awareness while covering the whole area and to shrink it right after whenever my inner sight caught something suspicious. It was exhausting. ‘Don’t forget to breathe!’, a voice inside was reminding me but I was too eager and determined to find the crippled creature to listen to it. With every breath out my consciousness was expanding outside my body but it was coming back whenever I was breathing in.

I was playing a dangerous game with my body, I felt it was getting too little air to breathe but I was almost done, just a small area on the edge of forest was left. My body began to tremble but I sensed the unwanted guest was somewhere there. Just as my inner sight noticed the location, my body couldn’t stand this state anymore. I felt weak and darkness fell in front of my eyes.

When I woke up, Wanlorn was kneeling next to me, keeping my legs raised on his shoulders and staring at my face with barely hidden anxiety.

‘Are you all right, milady?’, he asked.

‘Yes, I am quite all right’, I nodded. I was still feeling dizzy and weak but I was coming back to my normal state. His strong, clear energy was flowing to my body through feet and I felt better much quickly than usually.

‘Is there anything I can do to help?’

I smiled. Most of the community was accustomed to me losing consciousness while performing clairvoyance but being a stranger he must have been shocked. And judging by his vibes he was clearly worried about me. I smiled widely. It was nice feeling to know he did care for me and I hated to admit that instead of searching for the intruder I’d rather stay like this with his hand on my shin and his dark eyes fixed in my face…


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