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“We Had a Recent Case of Disappearances, Townspeople Are Worried”

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Chapter 1 (2)


Chapter 1 (2)



Feeling even more agitated, he kept wringing his hat in his hands. I was watching him from the corner of my eye as I made my way down the stairs, his head was almost bald but still had a circle of hair around the center. It was obvious he was in high standing, by the quality of his clothes and his rather large stomach I could tell he was important, probably the mayor of the place and I could already guess what he was going to ask. After reaching the bottom of the stairs I went straight for the door completely ignoring him, he blocked my path in order to get my attention…

‘Excuse me Sir, do you have a moment to hear me out?’, I looked him up and down as if mulling over my decision and gestured to him to go on.

He took a deep breath and continued.

‘We had a recent case of disappearances, townspeople are worried and we were hoping…’

I cut him off.

‘You were hoping someone would look into it and make the problem go away’, I wasn’t making a question.

He lowered his eyes and nodded silently adding, ‘We don’t have much to pay you with I fear, our village is poverty-stricken and with little resources’, the poor man almost ruined his hat completely while waiting for my reply.

‘We will talk about my reward afterwards’, he seemed relieved to a point, guess he expected me to outright decline but now that he was thanking me I could see a new worry arise in his eyes, worry about what I will demand as my reward.

I had no intention of making him feel better, at least not until I saw what I was dealing with.

‘What can you tell me about the disappearances?’

All he could say was that some people went missing, one had a habit of hitting the bottle and the other was less well-liked, which was why the villagers weren’t in a hurry to look into the matter. The most recent one was, according to the mayor, a decent sort and people swore he wouldn’t just take off out of the blue. It wasn’t much to go on but still it was as good as anything, I reserved my judgement on the matter until I find out more.

The mayor seemed more than happy to pass me over to someone else when I asked for a guide to show me the houses of villagers who supposedly disappeared, guess he was nervous around armed strangers. No surprises there, people were usually like that. A sudden thought of how much I hated always being willing to help ran through my head, but I already said yes and was bound by my word. So I followed him till he handed me over to my designated guide. The mayor walked away quickly to his house and I was shown the first empty building.

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