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Chapter 1 (7)



As I was waiting for my guide in the morning, my mind went back to the meeting. The druid hall was situated inside an enormous tree, standing at the entrance I could feel waves of positive energy. Ailintho was smiling widely so I assumed she felt it as well but it could have been simply because she was happy to be home.

A small black kitten was sitting on the fence, observing the life around carefully. When her eyes reached mine, she curled up and looked at me even more intently. But then she straightened up, jumped down to the ground, came to me boldly, meowed quietly and started to rub against my leg. Ailintho looked at me surprised.

‘She does not normally come to strangers’, she said with disbelief.

I spoke nothing, just smiled and scratched the kitten softly behind her ear. She closed her eyes and purred with pleasure but Ailintho didn’t let it last long.

‘We must go’, she turned around and walked ahead. ‘The elders are awaiting us.’

The great wooden doors opened soundlessly as if by magic. As we entered I noticed a slight drop in temperature compared to outside, the living tree provided cooling in the summer and warmth in the winter. The decorations were beautiful, almost everywhere I looked there were wooden carvings of various animals. Something else caught my eye as well, the placing of the windows, they weren’t symmetrical as one would expect in the city but rather placed at seemingly random distance from each other. This really made me curious but before I could ask Ailintho about it we reached the council of elders.

They were seated at a great oak table with ornate wooden chairs that wouldn’t seem out of place in a King’s hall. Their clothes were in stark contrast to this, each of them wore plain shirts and pants. I made a note to ask Ailintho about this as well later.

During the meeting the elders showed respect towards me and were courteous but I still felt an undercurrent of being interrogated. Mostly I listened and answered them while asking very few questions myself. As the meeting was coming to an end, they assigned Ailintho as my guide until we get to the bottom of this. After shaking hands with each member of the council I went to the room that was prepared for me, ate the dinner that was left there and went to bed.

Now it was early dawn but I was already prepared for today’s task, I only needed to wait for Ailintho to appear.

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