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Chapter 1 (12)



I walked in and paused to look around. Cobwebs were everywhere, the room was full of gloom and shadows, perfect for organizing an ambush and even though my helm revealed only the girl’s body heat, I knew there was someone or something else waiting in the shadows. Before I approached the girl I murmured under my breath and waved my hand as if clearing the cobwebs. I hated getting them on my skin. Her back was turned to me but I knew she was well aware of my presence. Finally she turned, didn’t need magic of my helm to see her eyes, they were glowing bright from some kind of spell.

Her lips began to move, softly uttering an incantation. I sprang forward and slapped her hard across the face, she went down on her knees and began sobbing uncontrollably. I stood still in front of her, my eyes watching her every move as I waited for her to end the water works. As my patience peaked its limit, I reached for her arm to pull her up but before I could even touch her, she sprang forward launching herself at me with a dagger in her hand directed towards the openings in my helmet in an attempt to stab me in the eye. I was faster, my fist slammed into her stomach, knocking the air from her lungs and forcing her to double over from the sudden pain. Once again I stood over her but this time I wasn’t going to take risks. Her hands were clutched around her stomach in a futile attempt to ease the pain, my foot moved slowly and deliberately forward till I had it on her shoulder, one push was enough to have her on her back, I pinned her hand over the wrist with my foot and began increasing pressure. I could feel the strain on her bones through the sole of my boot and knew they were getting close to breaking. A dagger finally dropped down from her clutch and fell heavily to the floor. I moved my foot and kicked it into the gloom. She looked at me with eyes full of hate and hissed something I couldn’t understand. The meaning became all too clear as two yuan ti jumped towards me from opposite sides of the room, I barely had time to react and if it wasn’t for my ever suspecting nature, I would not have been fast enough to dodge their attack. One was armed with a spear while the other only had its claws.

I moved quickly, turning towards the spear wielding yuan ti, I dodged his thrust and twirled in a fluid motion as my blade severed his spinal cord. I ran for the door as the other one came after me, blood curdling scream of rage coming from his mouth, his speed was surprising and I failed to reach the doors before his claws tore through me only to have the illusion fade. I quickly ended his confusion with a well placed bolt from my crossbow. As he collapsed in a heap, I went back to the girl and this time I wasn’t going to be so nice, whatever patience I had, it was long spent. I reached down to grab her by the hand so I could drag her out only to realize that I couldn’t move. My look met hers but this time it was my eyes that were full of anger, all that hers revealed were mad glee as she got on her feet, it seemed there was a third yuan ti around and this one was a mage. I recognized the telepathic spell he used, it was one of my favourite ones. The situation didn’t seem all that good for me, they clearly had no intention of taking prisoners but I was curious if I could find out more about their plans. Even in my warrior state I couldn’t deny the significance of yuan ti appearing here, this left me with more questions then answers. The yun ti mage finally revealed himself and slithered closer, his hand closed around my jaw as he spoke in his serpentine tongue. I couldn’t understand anything but the girl did and the way her eyes began to shine I knew my time was up…. I uttered a single trigger word and the spell I prepared earlier sent daggers flying through the room, the yuan ti mage was impaled through the stomach and arm which was more then enough to break his concentration and I was free from his spell. My hand shot forth and grabbed her hair, pulling her behind me until I finally got her out the door of the abandoned house.

Dragging her behind me and down the failing stairs till we reached the grassy forest floor, I dropped her unceremoniously in front of Ailintho. She looked at me in surprise as she felt the anger coming of me in waves but I couldn’t answer her silent questions, it took all my control not to spit at the girl. Instead I turned around and went back inside the house to finish the job. Each of the yuan ti got a blade through the heart and the head to make sure they were dead. As I stood over their lifeless corpses, I repeated the words I always said while doing this,

‘I have mercy…for the living.’


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